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[video] A school in Rokh Kiri District

We got a chance to visit a school in Rokh Kiri district, Battambang province. We met some of the local authorities and they all ask PKO for help.

Unilever Supporting kits to 100 families

PKO has been localised since 2005 and it has so many good friends both locally and internationally. PKO has over 10 projects that not many local NGOs could do the same. Anyway, this year we had a great honour to cooperate with a well-known global company called “Unilever Cambodia Limited”. The company has donated its products which all about hygiene and sanitation to 100 families in Tapun Commune, Sangke district, Battambang province that is one of PKO target areas. The process of the distribution was a little tough for everyone […]

Survival kits for 700 families who suffered from flood disaster in Battambang

According to the report of World Food Program (WFP), the majority of Cambodian families were suffered from the flood during October 2013. It stated that there were more than 40,000 populations whose houses were completely drowned. Among those flooding areas that populate the 40,000, Battambang province is one of them. Beside the (WFP), Cambodian local news also did frequently update all Cambodian people about the situation of flood. And it was so horrible that the flood had killed some people who hadn’t prepared for it or they didn’t expect huge […]

Some case studies on scholarship recipients

We made interview with some of our YPfD youth. Let’s listen to what they say about their life and why PKO choose to support them.

Flood in Cambodia 2013

More than 80 people have been reported dead, including 39 children, as flooding along Mekong River provinces continues. Heavy flooding is hitting 12 provinces along the Mekong and Tonle Sap rivers, as well as Phnom Penh, closing schools and pagodas, as well hospitals, Nhim Vanda, who heads to the National Disaster Committee, told VOA Khmer Monday. Nhim Vanda said the heavier flooding in recent years was a result of “climate change,” with flooding expected to cost the country $400 million is losses. This year’s flood has killed 82 people, and […]

BACKGROUND: A history of Pchum Ben

WHAT does Pchum Ben Festival mean in Buddhism? In the Khmer language, Pchum or Brochum means “a meeting or gathering”. Ben means “a ball of something”, such as rice or meat. The Pchum Ben festival originated in the Angkorian era when people followed animism, before Brahma or Buddhism. Both Buddhism and animism reflect Khmer respect and remembrance for their ancestors. Pchum Ben is also a convenient way for Buddhist monks to receive food during the heaviest part of the rainy season while they stay in the pagodas to follow their […]

Video : Child of Cambodia

Get to know more about PKO from this video:

The visit of Oaktree Foundation volunteers

It has been a while that the YPfD( Young people for development project) has been implemented. And until today there were ????? young people who are receiving the benefit of this project. 3rd week of July, a group of young Oaktree foundation paid a visit to Cambodia as well as PKO. “It is my first time in Cambodia, and I love Khmer food so much.” said one of the volunteer. After a day of their arrival, all of them were assigned to work closely with children in the 4 centers […]

Volunteering with PKO

[by Mona Bader] In August 2012 I (Mona) arrived in Battambang ready to start my volunteer year with PKO. After getting an introduction about the different projects I decided to work for the Happy Education project at the beginning. Since I arrived together with one other German volunteer, Linda, we agreed about doing our first working experience together in the Chamkar Samrong children Center, where we basically taught English and spent the activity time drawing, dancing and playing together with the children. Besides that we could always participate in special […]