The visit of Oaktree Foundation volunteers

It has been a while that the YPfD( Young people for development project) has been implemented. And until today there were ????? young people who are receiving the benefit of this project.

3rd week of July, a group of young Oaktree foundation paid a visit to Cambodia as well as PKO. “It is my first time in Cambodia, and I love Khmer food so much.” said one of the volunteer. After a day of their arrival, all of them were assigned to work closely with children in the 4 centers of Happy Education Project. They were teachers, dance trainers, facilitators during outside games… They were so happy with children even the trip made some of them sick.

And finally the last day came, We bring them to see some of YPfD youth home. Some of them were shocked to see the youth home. and after that all of them were sharing their experiences in doing fundraising for Oaktree, show us the fundraising agency, social media and types of fundraising they have been doing so far. It was so worth to spend time with. They are such great young fundraisers.

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We are so thankful, so appreciate their effort to come and to share experiences.

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