Flood in Cambodia 2013

More than 80 people have been reported dead, including 39 children, as flooding along Mekong River provinces continues. Heavy flooding is hitting 12 provinces along the Mekong and Tonle Sap rivers, as well as Phnom Penh, closing schools and pagodas, as well hospitals, Nhim Vanda, who heads to the National Disaster Committee, told VOA Khmer Monday. Nhim Vanda said the heavier flooding in recent years was a result of “climate change,” with flooding expected to cost the country $400 million is losses. This year’s flood has killed 82 people, and has affected more than 800,000 people, he said. Sixty-eight houses have been destroyed, 760 schools and 300 pagodas closed, and 30 hospitals flooded, he said. How about Battambang province? All the 14 districts of Battambang province has been affected by the flood. The primary report that was collected primarily from the 5 accessible districts showing that 42000 families are fully affected by the flood, 11 people died by this disaster, more than 50000 hectares of rice fields are fully destroyed, 40000 hectares of farms (soy bean, corns…etc) are fully destroyed. For the sure that the figure will go up to double or more than when all the data are fully collected. We will keep you update when we get the updated data. What PKO want to do to help those families with your donations?

  1. Using the boats to rescuing the victim families to the safe grounds/ places.
  2. Offer the emergency accommodation Distribution of tent to the victim families (the tent size is 6mx8m and it costs about 20$ per tent)
  3. Distribution of package to the victim families. Each package should consist of:
    1. 45kg of rice (3kg per day)
    2. 45 cans of tinned fish (3 tins per day)
    3. 45 packets of instant noodles (3 packets per day)
    4. 60 litres of drinking water (4 litres a day)
    5. We will do the health check up and sanitation program to those victim families

You can make online donation at :

After the flood is finished then PKO will design a program to restore the life of those families including rebuilding of homes, rice and vegetable seed distribution, provide the grant to most vulnerable families to restart their business or agriculture works, road and school reparation, Sanitation education…etc. This second phase will be redesigned according to the needs of those victim families/ villages. Pc- flood47 Pc- flood46 Pc- flood45     Pc- flood42 Pc- flood41 Pc- flood40 Pc- flood39 Pc- flood38 Pc- flood37     Pc- flood34

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