Survival kits for 700 families who suffered from flood disaster in Battambang

According to the report of World Food Program (WFP), the majority of Cambodian families were suffered from the flood during October 2013. It stated that there were more than 40,000 populations whose houses were completely drowned. Among those flooding areas that populate the 40,000, Battambang province is one of them.
Beside the (WFP), Cambodian local news also did frequently update all Cambodian people about the situation of flood. And it was so horrible that the flood had killed some people who hadn’t prepared for it or they didn’t expect huge flood like this one. It’s to remind that this is the second huge flood in Cambodia while one occurred during 2010. It destroyed the people’s home, rice field, farm, and business… So, what they need is the support on everything.

Respond to the need of those suffered families, PKO again have supported 700 families in Sangke district, Battambang province. It provided the survival kits for those families. The kits included:
1- Rice
2- Instant noodle
3- Canned fish
4- Cooking oil
5- Soap
6- Fish Sauce
7- Drinking water

It took us more than a week to finish the distribution since most families cannot access to the dried areas. So, we mostly traveled to their home to provide the kits.

Here are the photos of the distribution days.

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