Happy education

PKO has implemented a non-formal education project in the province of Battambang. More than 900 children are welcomed every day in its Youth Centers. A team of Youth Workers, with at least five years of experience, offers a wide variety of pedagogical and leisure activities to the children. The activities, are specially designed for such project, and are based on the psycho-pedagogical development process of a child and something that fits to the Khmer cultural environment.

On the other hand, a team of Community Mobilization Liaison Officer (CMLO) is working directly with the community and the parents. Their objective is to conduct awareness campaign on education issues and to favor the involvement of the parents in the education of their children.


Based on psycho-pedagogy, the activities are essentially oriented towards the stages in children’s development (psychosocial and affective well being, education and the development of life skills capacities).

  • Preprimary & Primary Remedial Activity

Children at the age of 3-6: preparation for the first year of study







  • Games


“Free play” with toys and games (Exercise, Symbolic, Assembling and Rule games) which facilitates the development of the children physically, intellectually (concentration, logic, reflection), and affectively.





  • Collective/ group games

Outside games and sports to develop the physical and social abilities of the children as well as to develop within them the concept of solidarity.

  • Arts
happy art

Theater, painting, music, dance, performing in circus , story telling and discussion to stimulate oral and artistic expression, encourage creativity, symbolic and manual skills.






  • Library
happy library

This is to stimulate children’s interest in books and develop their reading and writing skills







  • Culture & Handicraft:
happy culture

To improve the children’s knowledge, release the children’s imagination and strengthen their Khmer identity and culture.







  • Life Skills
happy life

To encourage self esteem as well as tolerance and respect through life skills topics as peace education, environmental protection, and intercultural solidarity…







  • English language
English language

This is a new activity of the centre which was started upon request of the children and their parents who have given high value to English language.








To develop the children’s psychosocial, affective and learning abilities, they need to interact with their community. That’s why PKO has established close cooperation with community members (families, primary school teachers, education authorities, social workers, elderly people, and moral leaders).

Our Community Mobilization team has thus set up the following activities involving the community:

Monthly sensitization meetings in each village is conducted to discuss children’s development, importance of education, children’s play, and tolerance.

Organizing special events: open days, ceremonies, children’s show, story telling, toy making workshops with parents .

Community educational activities on: children’s rights, nutrition, HIV-AIDS prevention, domestic violence .

Personalized visits to families to encourage parents to send their children to school. These activities are implemented in order to sensitize parents, teachers, local authorities and community members to issues such as children’s rights, child abuses and trafficking, the importance of primary education, the role of parents, and the child status in the community.

PKO has used PLAY as the method to develop the children. PKO lets the children enjoy and benefit from the play. Play is the important for all stages of the child development. The play is written as the article 31st of the CRC but it is forgotten and mostly unknown in Cambodia. The PLAY has been tested, used and promoted by PKO since 1997. PKO acknowledges PLAY is the best tool to improve the development of the children. Children love play the most but they are limited to access to the play.