Mobile Library

Book is the Food for the brain and is the source knowledge to help children be ready for their life!!!
We acknowledge that reading is one of the very important skills or components anyone must posses to study and is one of the stepping stones for the development of every child in the world. But in Cambodia children don’t read books due to a variety of reasons such as there is a very limited number of books, the lack of librarians, limited or no library at all, lack of books classification, lack of motivation, children being unaware of the value of reading and especially the culture of disliking reading.

So, the first step PKO could do is to develop the habit of reading in children for them to start falling in love with reading as well as with books. We believe that when children are in love with books, it does not matter where these books are, they would just make every effort to find them

To change the concept and the culture of children or people is not easy and it needs time. PKO has experienced and learned in its work with children since 1997 that Playing is one of the best methods to attract and motivate children for whatever purposes. It is a very important tool or activity that can help children grow which also is a part of child development process. Playing is very important and children enjoy it very much to be playing that they even sometimes forget to have their meal due to this enjoyment, so we have to organize this activity well enough, have better preparation, have proper choice of the kind of more suitable kind of play and games activities, and be prepared to facilitate them well and let the children do it in moderation.

Thus, PKO uses playactivities as the method to bring the children together, make useful books available for them to read with our experienced and well trained librarians

To improve the reading habit of children in Battambang, PKO has now established the Mobile Non-formal Education library Project and is being operational. This project is implemented by utilizing four units of motor Tuk Tuk as the means of transporting books, games supplies and other educational materials from one location to another. Each motor Tuk Tuk covers locations and there are 20 locations PKO has been implementing the project in. The locations are located in the compound of 12 primary schools and 8 communities (including pagodas) of two communes in Sangke district. The children in each location is provided with this kind of service once in a week.

What are the activities that PKO conducts with those children? There are different activities which are pedagogically designed for those children as below:

  • Hygiene Awareness to children


  • Hygiene Awareness to children


  • Reading books (Individual, group reading)
  • Drawing and Painting
  • Game with rule/controlled games
  • Sportings and community games
  • Exercise Game, Symbolic Game, Assembly Game and collage
PKO has used PLAY as the method to develop the children. PKO lets the children enjoy and benefit from the play. Play is the important for all stages of the child development. The play is written as the article 31st of the CRC but it is forgotten and mostly unknown in Cambodia. The PLAY has been tested, used and promoted by PKO since 1997. PKO acknowledges PLAY is the best tool to improve the development of the children. Children love play the most but they are limited to access to the play.