Mobile Library

PKO organized the reading competition for children in order to let them feel proud and motivation in continuing their reading. This activity will be organized two times a year in each target school (16 schools) with the facilitation of the librarians, project officers and school principals. The committee which consists of school principal, the project officer and the school librarian or the representative of teachers (in case the school has no librarian) will be established to ensure the fair judgment. 24 selected children from each school will be the candidates for the competition. 24 children are selected from grade 1 to grade 6 and each grade there will be 4 children. Aside from the candidates, the rest of the children in each school, the parents, teachers and youth will be welcomed to see the event.
1. To improve the relationship between PKO Staffs, School Teachers and Children.
2. To encourage the children to understand about the Khmer traditional culture including games.