PTTC’s Graduated Student

On 09 November 2015, PKO staff visited PTTC Graduated Students at Phum Tnot Primary School inTnot Village, Ou Somrel Commune, Somlut District, Battambang Province. Our purposes are :

1- To improve the relationship between graduated PTTC scholarship students and PKO’s staff.

2- To follow up the improvement of our graduated PTTC cholarship students.

3- To see the effective of their teaching in the class.

Somlot-Schoolarship-Student 09-Dec-2015

Miss. Som Phally’s Class (Black Jacket)

Miss Som Phally 22 years old, 1st daughter of 3 sibling.


Miss. Ngek Sarika’s Class

Phum Tnot Primary School 09-Dec-2015

Student of Miss. Som Phally’s Class