Pilot Model School

According to the report of UNDP published in 2009 showed that Cambodia is still falling far below other ASEAN countries on education, receiving the lowest rank compared with other ASEAN countries. Cambodia stands on number 122nd for the quality of education, 87th for the primary enrolment and 121st for education expenditure.

In Battambang the number of primary schools is still not enough for the children to study. Some of the school buildings are almost about to collapse as they are wooden and are damaged by termites or other insects and for the reason that these buildings are already old. In spite of this, children still are going inside these buildings as there is no choice for a place to study. They are very much disturbed when it is raining and scared during a windy weather. Beside the disturbances of classes, it also exposes the children to danger when inside the buildings for the reasons as previously stated.

There are quite a lot of school buildings in similar conditions in Battambang at the moment and some of the directors of schools have already alerted local authorities as well the department of education of Battambang on the conditions of such buildings but there hasn’t been any feedback yet from these agencies..

Like the one in Kompongpil Primary school, it was built in 1993 and it was made by wood. PKO and KCF as the donor of PKO decided to work out with this school and willing to reinforce/rebuild for it to serve as the model school for other schools in Battambang as well for other provinces.With this as a pilot school and with the financial support of PKO’s donor, and in collaboration with the department of education, PKO is now implementing different actions in order to offer good education for children studying in this primary school.

What PKO is doing in this pilot phase of this school?

  • We are constructing different necessary buildings such as one building for the school with 6 rooms and equip it with necessary facilities as : latrines, water storage/ tanks, hand water pump, office for school staff, provide it with library equipped with books , toys ,play materials and it also includes the installation of gate and fences. andetc. The construction is on going and is expected to finish at the end of May of 2010.
  • PKO encourages and supports this school so that in it, the Children Friendly School program, which is a student centered approach can be implemented. A new teaching approach that the ministry of education is committed to implement in every school in Cambodia , a kind of commitment that cannot be met yet because of different reasons.PKO provides the financial package for this school for it to implement the activities of the child friendly school approach. We also provide to the teachers and school directors, the training on the child friendly school approach.
  • PKO provides the monitoring support to this school which is done by its staff , by a representative of the department of education and one representative from the district education office. During their visit, the representatives provide the technical support to the teachers and the director of the school.
  • PKO organizes a study tour for the teachers, local authorities, one representative of department of education, one representative of district education office, chief of village and the representative of the parents to visit good school in other province, schools where members of the study tour can acquire additional learning.
  • PKO helps this school to establish the School Support Committee in order to help this school to strengthen its management capabilities.
PKO has used PLAY as the method to develop the children. PKO lets the children enjoy and benefit from the play. Play is the important for all stages of the child development. The play is written as the article 31st of the CRC but it is forgotten and mostly unknown in Cambodia. The PLAY has been tested, used and promoted by PKO since 1997. PKO acknowledges PLAY is the best tool to improve the development of the children. Children love play the most but they are limited to access to the play.

Pilot Model School’s Picture Update (December 2015)

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