Scholarship for Vulnerable Children

This project is in support to the most vulnerable children for them to go back and keep continuing their study at the public schools just like the other children in their community so that these unfortunate ones may have the chance of enjoying the kind of education the fortunate ones are having.

PKO found that even if the children are living in one community, it is very obvious that they are not really equal in terms of opportunity specially in accessing to a kind of quality education considering that the parents of these unfortunate children are usually if not always out earning for a living to support their families and even asking their children to help them in earning more money for the purpose of survival and this has resulted to the children’s absences from schools and even resulting to a severe consequences, the dropping out or abandoning schools.

For the purpose of survival, the parents who even understood about the value of education still would decide to stop their children from school in order to give priority to the needs of the stomach.

Poor children have less opportunity to go to school to avail of basic education, and growing intellectually and socially is very much affected, factors which are basically their right. It is just not fair that these group of people are deprived of opportunities which are supposed to be equally provided to them, and to this effect, PKO wishes to give such opportunity to these poor children in term of education

Poor children have less opportunity or even deprived of going to school to avail of the basic education, and to grow intellectually and socially is very much a challenge. It is just not fair that this group of people are deprived of opportunities which are supposed to be equally provided to them, and this is in fact the very reason of PKO’s wishes to give such opportunity to these poor children, the opportunity to acquire an education which would equip them intellectually, socially and even emotionally which are necessary factors in helping them find their latent potentials and slowly develop them and later on in the long run, will become people who will be of benefits to their own people.

The project started running for two years with 41 children. It went on smoothly and assessment and evaluation were made and was found out that the result was excellent as the 41 children rose up to have good results in their studied in public schools. PKO staff has been doing the follow up of these students both in their schools and at home in a case to case basis. Our staffs conducted counseling with the parents of these children and initiated motivating conversation with the parents of the children this is for them to continue encouraging their children to go to school regularly.

PKO distributes the scholarship package every trimester. During the distribution, the school principals and the local authority are always invited to witness the event.

The number of children provided with the scholarship package increased dramatically from 41 to now 101. Not all of the children in reality have excelled as academically outstanding with the reason that some of them have been children whose parents are infected with HIV/AIDS and it is a case which PKO also takes into consideration.

Local authorities, parents and other concern members of the community are always in contact with PKO in consultation regarding the provision of scholarship services to more needy children but then PKO is under financial constraints, that it can only extend this kind of services when funds are available from any generous individual, institution or organizations or foundations.