Post flood project

Khsouy village, Battambang province

In the year 2011, different parts of Battambang province was destroyed by the flood. This disaster has affected negatively to the life of the families who are living in the concerned areas. Roka, Anlongvil and Kompong preah communes of Sangke district were dramatically damaged by the flood. The rice field, the infrastructures, the home and the property of the people were destroyed. After the flood, thousands of families are living with hopeless, stressful, sickness and in debt. Some families decided to illegally immigrate to look for jobs in Thailand even they know about the consequences but they have no choice because they need to think about the survival of their children who need to eat and study.

Map of Cambodia

Puthi Komar Organization as the LNGO base in the province of Battambang and has worked in the concerned areas since some years already acknowledges and understands quiet well about the problems that those families are having. PKO jointed as the consortium the other three NGOs to design the program to address the problems of the families that are affected by the flood and the impact of the flood disaster. PKO has planned to work in three communes in Sangke district of Battambang and other NGOs are working in Pursat and Banteay Meanchey provinces. The post flood program was emerged by January 2012 and almost 3000 families are supported by this program through the intervention of PKO. This new program is giving the hope to the families and the warm for the children since their parents are able to continue the works with their rice field in their communities without immigrating to work in Thailand. Currently, the staffs are actively helping those targeted families through the main actions as below:

    • Livelihood: In this component, PKO is distributing the rice seeds (short term and rice term rice seed) to the targeted families. Each family receives 200kg of rice seeds to plant in their own rice field. They don’t need to borrow the money with interest rate from rich family to buy the rice seed because they get the rice seeds from our program. Not only giving the rice seed but we also worked with the government agriculture office to deliver the training on Rice plantation.
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Tapun village, Battambang province Samdach village, Battambang province
    • Sanitation & Hygiene: The team use the world-class PHAST (‘Participatory Hygiene and Sanitation Transformation’) and CLTS (‘Community-Led Total Sanitation’) materials (used by other leading NGOs here) to instill healthy practices – such as hand-washing, clean food preparation, using serving spoons (rather than everyone plunging their fork into the communal meal), separating toilet areas from living space, separating animals from humans, and so on. Training will include toilet construction. We will also include straight ‘health’ information such as the effects of alcohol, smoking and excess salt, contraception, and – to drive home the benefits of our livelihood component – the importance of fruit, vegetables and animal protein in nutrition. Each training will include 50 heads of household from each village, and will take 5 days (spread over perhaps 2-4 weeks, due to farmers’ time constraints).
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Housing Map preparation
Warming up before the CLTS training
  • Infrastructure: Two ponds with the size of 40m * 50m * 4m have been dug and 2 safe grounds with the size of 40m * 50m * 4m each have been set up and prepared to prevent for the next coming flood that might happened again. Additionally, 10 primary schools that were damaged by the flood have been repaired for the use of the children.