School and Classroom Libraries Project

Children enjoy reading

Reading is the important for the development of the intelligent. Reading can help the children out of illiteracy. Reading is the not habit for Cambodian people and the schools are not ready to offer the child friendly space where children can access to the reading and playing materials. The schools don’t have the skill to implement the library and also there is no schedule for the children to access to the library.

PKO would like to improve the reading capacity of the children and also to bring the good habit of reading for the children in the province of Battambang. We have worked in difference strategies that guarantee the change of habit of the children to be the good reader. We want all the children love the books and use the books to improve their capacity. Since the books are the rich sources for the development of their brain. PKO has used the mobile library, the classroom library, the public school library and trained the teachers of the public schools to be the librarians. We have worked the education authorities to ensure that all the target schools where PKO has worked in partnership has scheduled for the activities of the libraries. Construction of the physical building is not the end activity for the project of PKO but to keep the libraries open daily and actively for the children is the strong wish of PKO. After launching the mobile library project and we found a lot of success for the implementation then PKO has idea of working with the public schools to open or upgrade their own libraries in their schools with the support of PKO and the communities surrounding the schools. PKO works with the education authorities and the schools administration to construct the building for the libraries, to re-open the existing unused libraries building, to refresh the existing libraries and to install the classroom libraries where the children and teachers can access easily to the source for their learning and teaching.

Currently, 5 new libraries buildings have been constructed and others two existing school libraries have been updated and refreshed.

PKO has been working to install 200 classroom room libraries in 40 primary schools of Sangke district.

Building the capacity of the teachers is the important thing that must be done properly. Then series of trainings have been provided to those teachers.

The school library is the only place designed around the needs of children. It is the vital that the library facilitates effective learning, socialization skills and play. Although the libraries come in all shapes and sizes, they share a few common traits, including educational puzzles and games, child-sized furniture, colorful, print-rich decorations and shelves full of local-language books.

Putting the library in place is only the first step. Once it’s complete, we work with school administration to ensure that children have ample time during school to explore the new resource and train teachers to effectively utilize the library materials to support the curriculum.

PKO has used PLAY as the method to develop the children. PKO lets the children enjoy and benefit from the play. Play is the important for all stages of the child development. The play is written as the article 31st of the CRC but it is forgotten and mostly unknown in Cambodia. The PLAY has been tested, used and promoted by PKO since 1997. PKO acknowledges PLAY is the best tool to improve the development of the children. Children love play the most but they are limited to access to the play.