Empower Futures: Your Contribution Ignites Change

Every donation lights the path towards a brighter future for the communities in Cambodia. Join us in this journey of transformation and hope.

Why Your Support Matters

Your contributions to PKO play a pivotal role in our ongoing projects that directly benefit children and youth across Cambodia. From educational programs to community building initiatives, your donations make real, visible impacts. Witness the joy and progress through the stories and images of those whose lives you’ve touched.

Join Our Cause

Support us with a one-time donation or opt for monthly giving to help us plan and implement long-term projects effectively. You can also dedicate your donation to a specific project or include PKO in your estate planning for lasting impact. Every contribution brings us closer to our goals.

How Your Donations Help

Operational Costs

85% of all donations go directly to our projects, ensuring maximum impact on the ground. The remaining 15% covers essential administrative expenses to keep our programs running smoothly.

Education Initiatives

Your contributions have helped over 500 children receive quality education in Battambang, empowering them to build a brighter future.

Community Development

Funds are allocated to various community projects, such as clean water systems and healthcare services, directly benefiting over 2,000 residents annually.

Why Donors Choose PKO

‘Seeing the joy on the children’s faces when they go to school is all the reason I need to keep supporting PKO.’

John Doe

‘PKO’s commitment to transparency and their impactful results inspired me to become a monthly donor.’

Emily Smith

‘I visited one of the projects in Cambodia and was deeply moved by how our contributions are making a real difference.’

Michael Johnson

‘PKO not only educates children but also empowers entire communities to grow sustainably.’

Sarah Lee

‘The detailed reports and updates from PKO make me feel connected to the cause I am supporting.’

David Kim

‘My company matched my donation, doubling the impact of my contribution, a fantastic initiative by PKO.’

Linda Garcia

Support Our Mission

Join us in making a difference! Fill out the secure form below to donate. You can choose a one-time gift or set up monthly donations. Rest assured, your personal and payment information is protected with the highest security standards.

Enhancing Corporate Contributions

Corporate and Matching Gifts

At PKO, we value the power of partnership and invite businesses to maximize their philanthropic impact through corporate giving and matching gift programs. By contributing financially, companies can play a pivotal role in educating children, empowering youth, and building communities in Cambodia. Matching gifts are a fantastic way for businesses to double or even triple the impact of their donations, as many companies will match their employees’ contributions to eligible nonprofits. This not only increases the total donation received but also promotes a culture of giving within the organization. For more details on how your business can get involved, please contact our donations team.

Donation FAQs

Have questions about donating to PKO? Find answers to some of the most common queries below.

How can I make a donation to PKO?

You can make a donation online through our secure donation form, send a check to our postal address, or contact our donation team for more options.

Are donations to PKO tax-deductible?

Yes, all donations to PKO are tax-deductible in Cambodia. Donors receive a tax receipt that can be used for filing purposes.

Can I donate to a specific project?

Absolutely! When making a donation, you can specify the project you wish to support. Your contribution will be directed accordingly.

What are the benefits of monthly giving?

Monthly giving provides us with a consistent source of funding that helps in planning and implementing ongoing projects more effectively. It also allows donors to spread their contributions throughout the year.

Contact Our Donation Team

For personalized assistance or to inquire more about how you can support PKO, please reach out to our dedicated donation team.


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