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How Your Contributions Make a Difference

Discover the impact of your donations, volunteer work, and project involvement with PKO.


Your financial support helps us provide educational resources and community development.


Join our dedicated team to make a direct impact in Battambang.

FAQs on Supporting PKO

Answers to your common questions about how you can help.

How do my donations help?

Your donations fund educational programs, scholarships, and infrastructure improvements in our communities.

What types of projects can I get involved with?

Projects range from school building and teaching to community health initiatives.

How can I become a volunteer?

Visit our website or contact us directly to find out about volunteer opportunities and application processes.

Are there opportunities for international volunteers?

Yes, PKO welcomes international volunteers, offering various roles from teaching to technical support.

What is the minimum time commitment for volunteering?

Volunteers typically engage for a minimum of one month to ensure meaningful contribution to our projects.

Can I visit PKO projects before deciding to donate?

Yes, we encourage visits to our project sites. Please contact us to arrange a tour.

Do you offer tax deductions for donations?

Yes, donations to PKO are tax-deductible. Please consult with your tax advisor for details.

How are donations allocated?

Donations are directly allocated to educational programs, community development, and administrative support.

Can I sponsor a child or a project?

Yes, we offer sponsorship opportunities for both children’s education and specific community projects.

Get in Touch with PKO


Kammeakkar Village, Svay Pao Commune, Battambang city, Battambang province. Po.Box 368


+(855) 12 358 446

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Every action you take makes a meaningful impact. Whether it’s donating to support our educational programs, volunteering your time, or spreading the word about our mission, your involvement is crucial. Help us continue to educate children, empower youth, and build strong communities. Your support is vital to our success. Act now and be a part of the change!